About us

As a single-person private enterprise, Simon E.V.  was founded in 1985 and has been continuously developed into a some 400-employee - company operating at 3 manufacturing locations in Szabadbattyán, 6 km of Székesfehérvár and in nearby Kőszárhegy right beside the M7 motorway.
Initial metal forming profile was soon extended to thermoplastic and two-component silicon injection molding and the product range was gradually altered to quality engineering parts.

By now the company has become one of the most important plastic component manufacturers of the Central Transdanubia region of Hungary, mass-producing  automotive electric connectors, sound systems and plastic parts for the medical industry. Maintaining the flexibility of a family-owned company, a large enterprise is being developed today selling 20 million mid- and high series parts a month. Our products can be found in all types of cars in Europe and all over the world.  

Responding to the Challenge:
To meet the requirements of the automotive and the medical industry needs extraordinary skill and continuous development. Connectors up to 100 pins and 0.4mm wall thickness require state of the art machines, devices, instruments and technologies. Customer requirements are forcing the use of the latest scientific injection technologies such as Como Injection to achieve the goals of our Zero Defect Strategy.



- Szabadbattyán


-Plants in Köszárhegy


- Kőszárhegy tool workshop

Koszarhegy csarnok1

- Kőszárhegy new  manufacturing plant in 5.000m2

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  Kandó Kálmán u. 2.
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