Project NR.: GOP-2.1.1-09/A/2-2010-0362

Project Title: Simon Metalware Plastics Custom Manufacturer Company investment in capacity building and quality improvement
AThe gained amount on the tender is 24.876 thousand HUF which is the 35% of the accountable cost. The total investment is 71.074 thousand HUF.

The primary reason of the investment to sthrenghtening the market position. The development purposes and the discussions with the partners were the base of the project plan. We will pleased to supply by 3 injection moulding machines to Tyco Electronoics Hungary Kft. By these machines we will be able to conform to the growing quality and quantity demands.
Mainly we will produce tachnical plastic parts for automotive industry.
Previously most of our parts we were able to measure by simple measuring equipment like calipper now the automotive products required a more precise method and developed equipment so we need to implement an appropriate measuring device.
Some of our products are very sensitve for the material features or the customer required to measure the melt flow. In case of quality claim is very important to certify we have used the right material with the right circumstances. For warranting we use the MFI tester.
For using a closed material supplying system with hoppers, proportional valves and containers we reached to avoid human intervention int he material supplying until the injeczion machines.
By the color mixers we wll be able to stabilize the homogenity of the colors and conformity for the RAL palatte. To guarantee the quality we keep the humidity contamination of the raw material under 0,03% by purchasing dryers.

The mentioned machines and equipments representing the latest technology for supporting the efficiency of the production and lowest energy consumption as our company is always committed for the environment too.
Todays a company not only standing for good quality production has to take care about teh environmental effect too and control all the procedures which are influences th e environment.
To have this pursuit chime in with the normatives is very important to introduce quality and environmental centered system and sutain which part of our investment.
Start of project 22/01/2010
dead line 30/06/11











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