Simon István e.v. maintains a formal quality management system meeting all requirements of ISO / TS 16949 standard.

Simon István e.v. is committed to understand its customer’s needs and is determined to exceed their expectations. Key aspect of this statement is continuous communication with customers. Knowledge gained from communication with customer is transferred to Simon István e.v. employees.

Simon István e.v. maintains zero defect strategy which focuses on continuous process improvement and problem prevention. Our employees are aware that the aim of this strategy is to do their job right the first time. Management of Simon István e.v. is committed to meet all customer and legal requirements and to continuously improve effectiveness of the quality management system.

Cross-functional work team is the basic principle of Simon István e.v.’s operation which empowers employees so that all employees can help improve the systems that affects their work, this we believe is fundamental to our success.

Simon István e.v.’s organizational structure supports teamwork. Simon István e.v. recognizes and values  everyone’s  contribution to accomplish Simon István e.v.’s mission.

Simon István e.v. is committed to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment, provides education and training to all employees to support their health, welfare and safety as a top priority. Simon István e.v. is dedicated to the co-operative improvement of the community, the environment and the enhancement of the overall quality of life.

Simon István e.v. communicates its quality policy to all employees and expects from its employees to work according to these rules.

Simon István e.v. develops mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers that emphasize continuous improvement in product quality and support.

Quality management:

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